Saturday, December 17, 2011

Haunted Locations In Bangladesh Part - I

           There are a bunch of haunted locations near Dhaka. Some of them are highly active. Most of these places are not open for visitors after dusk. In today's post we're going to talk about highly active paranormal location in Dhaka where witnesses have claimed to have several experiences. The name of this place is the Lalbagh Fort.

            Having such a great reputation as a historic place, this place still attracts visitors from around the Globe everyday. It is an incomplete Mughal palace fortress at the Buriganga River in the southwestern part of Dhaka. Construction was commenced in 1678 by Prince Muhammad Azam during his 15-month long vice-royalty of Bengal, but before the work could complete, he was recalled by Aurangzeb. His successor, Shaista Khan, did not complete the work, though he stayed in Dhaka up to 1688. His daughter Iran Dukht nicknamed Pari Bibi (Fairy Lady) died here in 1684 and this led him to consider the fort to be ominous. Lalbagh Fort is also the witness of the revolt of the native soldiers against the British during the Great Rebellion of 1857.

        This enormous palace is claimed to be haunted by not one but many spirits. People claimed to have witness a man with a horse head going into the fort and getting out again at nights. Many have claimed to witness people saying their prayer in the prayer hall at about 3 a.m. The usual prayer time is at 5 a.m. 3 a.m. is not usually a prayer time.  So when they rushed at the hall to join the prayer they saw that the hall was empty.

         Another very interesting fact about the fort is the hidden doorways. It is said that these hidden doorways and hidden roads can lead to Agra which is situated in India. However no one is allowed to enter into these doorways or in this paths. It is claimed that whoever has dared to enter into these paths have never come back. These doors are now officially sealed by the authority. A team of investigators once entered some dogs with chain in their neck into these doors but when they pulled the chains back the dogs were not on the other end of it. This made this mystery more complicated. 

         The Lalbagh Fort is undoubtedly one of the most highly active paranormal locations of the country. The mysteries that happen here are certainly beyond explanation. 


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